Maternal Musings While En Route to My Mother



As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, I’m touched by a few maternal thoughts… Last week, I received an email from my mom that my grandmother was nearing the end of her life. Her brain, which has been overtaken by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease over the last 10 years has given over to her body, which is […]


Getting Crafty: Not So Terrible After All



I haven’t been able to draw much more than a worm since.

Likewise, my painting skills and crafting skills need a bit of refining. So when I came across a particular DIY craft on one of my favorite design blogs, DesignSpongeOnline, I bookmarked it and decided it was going to be my “visual arts” challenge for early 2011. The challenge? Create a chalkboard globe.


Adventures in Learning Spanish (Again)



In a continued effort to keep my mind sharp and keep myself culturally relevant, I’ve decided it’s time I brush up on my Español.

I have always been one for language — the language of music, grammar studies, and mastering the English language have been paramount to my personal development.


Witty Snake on the Loose: Crisis Creatively Averted


Bronx Zoo Cobra

The ticker read, “Poisonous Snake on the Loose.”

Blearily aware of my surrounding, I smiled at the oddity of the news broadcast, and happily returned to smothering my waffle in syrup.

“MOM. I AM NEVER GOING TO THE ZOO AGAIN,” a six-year-old girl decked in her Hannah Montana PJ’s exclaimed.


Lessons in Sleep Deprivation



I need sleep.

I have not received more than four hours of sleep for the last five days, due to a very intense shoot schedule for the TV pilot I’m helping produce.

I’ve learned a few things in my fight against sleep deprivation. Bleary-eyed and far from bushy-tailed, here are my top ten lessons of work-induced sleep deprivation.


Details Wanted: The Challenge of the Blank Slate



I’ve just signed on to help produce a pilot for a cable network.

Like many production-related, freelance gigs, I have no earthly idea what I am getting myself into. I agreed to take on the project because I like the people I will work with, because this is a new challenge, and frankly, because I’m waiting to hear on a few full-time opportunities. Great way to pick up a few extra bucks!


How I Plan On Celebrating Chinese New Year and My 30th Birthday


Chinese New Year Lanterns

This year, the start of the Chinese New Year coincides with my 30th birthday, Feb. 3, 2011. Being a Caucasian-American of mostly English descent, sporting milky-white skin topped off with strawberry-gold locks, it’s fairly excusable that the majority of my knowledge of the Chinese New Year came from the local Chinese restaurant’s placemat and a […]


The New Starbucks Logo: A Lone Siren


Starbucks Logo on Coffee

Does the new Starbucks logo accurately represent the Starbucks brand? Are the naysayers of the world panning it because they don’t like change, or are they voicing true branding concerns? Will I keep meeting up with friends at Starbucks regardless of the fact that their nameless logo is a green siren that does not necessarily translate immediately to “coffee” or “tea” or “third place?”


Top 11 Hopes for 2011



A few days ago, my hubby and I sat at a cute little coffee shop in Burbank armed with two laptops, a latte and a tea. We were ready to reflect on 2010, and project great things for 2011. I whittled my rather wily list into 11 top hopes for the new year. Here they are…


Hyperbole. Enough, Already!



Is your cupcake really the BEST cupcake ever baked?

Is that massage truly the GREATEST massage in the WHOLE WORLD?

Has that musical artist actually penned the MOST AMAZING song in the HISTORY OF TIME?