About Welcome to the hub of all things professional for me, Allison Dykstra.


I am a creative people maven with a zest for constantly improving and fine-tuning communication methods and production processes.

A Detroit native, my professional career began in Denver, Colo. where I completed my undergrad degree in business administration. Following graduation, I became part of Mix 100.3 FM’s Big Mix Morning Show, which led to a position as an Account Manager at a boutique PR travel/tourism firm in Denver. Early mornings, product launches, strategic planning, writing, pitching and traveling with media filled my very happy post-grad days.

In early 2006, an opportunity arose further west in Los Angeles, where I quickly jumped into the entertainment industry. Now, nine years later, I have worked on shows for Nickelodeon, TBS, Comedy Central, HBO and A&E. I’ve produced over 45 sketches, associate produced over 85 episodes of children’s television and 40 episodes of half-hour comedy, developed a new documentary-style competition show, and spent countless hours prepping and shooting on sound stages and the streets of Los Angeles.

I’m heavily dedicated to the communications/entertainment world and look forward to the next project that life brings, knowing it will involve people, passion, influencing and strategy.

Vi-brant /’vaɪ brənt/

1. Pulsing with energy or activity
2. Vigorous, lively and vital
3. Relatively high on the scale of brightness

I can admit it: I’m no Einstein, Walt Disney, Condoleeza Rice, or whoever you idolize for their specialized intelligence. I am, however, a passionately bright woman, constantly on the quest for discovering vibrant life — through relationships, communications and experiences both challenging and rewarding. I guess you’d call “pursuing vibrant life” my mission.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me dabbling in life-enriching experiences: traveling with my family, recording music, posing as a dancer in ballet or contemporary classes, playing at Disneyland, giggling with my toddler, scouring design blogs for inspirations, streaming episodes of the latest binge-watching craze, sipping tea with friends, goofing off just about anywhere, pretending I can cook, and engaging in great conversation or games over a glass of wine.

In this site you will discover things I consider paramount to my professional careers, highlighting my time in communications and television production, as well as drawing attention to one of my passions, writing. Click on the respective category you are interested in to learn more! Who knows? You may just like what you see. Thanks for stopping by.


(As defined by the Clifton StrengthsFinder™)


I find relationships crucial to survival, and thus am constantly working on establishing personal connections with all those I encounter.


It’s impossible for me to not see things strategically. It’s a way of life, organizing thoughts and ideas ad nauseum.


I have goals. I just don’t freak out when life – or people – throw me a curve ball. In fact, I welcome it. “I ain’t afraid of no change.”


A Systems Thinker at heart, both professionally and personally, I not only love the big picture, but I can identify universal similarities in each brush stroke.


Literally, “Winning Others Over,” I enjoy making new connections with people. ‘Nuff said.

“This is just a bit of silliness, really.
I should hope so; Go on.”
– Finding Neverland