We can do it the Disney way, right?

I had the privilege of attending an open house at the Walt Disney Animation Studios last night. A friend of mine has worked at the studios for years now, and has always had me absolutely salivating over the chance to darken the doors of the Sorcerer’s hat.

So when I entered the studio, I had to do a great deal of quelling the inner 8-year old (who isn’t so inner) and calmly shake the hands of the people who do the work I’ve dreamt of doing for years.

Aside from a pure joy for entertaining people the Disney way, I was struck by a tiny word that was repeated to me throughout the evening. (That is, after I got past the “Holy crow, I just stepped inside the walls of greatness!” feeling.)


Everyone I spoke with last night used the word “we” when referring to anything the Disney company was producing. “We’re working on this great new short.” “We’re opening Disneyland in Shanghai.” It didn’t matter if they had a personal hand in it or not.

This pride was very cool to me. It didn’t wreak of creepy group think, but rather beamed a collective ownership. After all, we are all parts of a whole.

I’m thinking about incorporating this one word into my current job, just to see if anyone takes note…

image courtesy of Dr. Lee Club 33 Blogspot