Top 11 Hopes for 2011

We’re now six days into the new year, the “Resolutions” articles are on the decline, but that doesn’t mean I can’t add one more post to the internet ether.

A few days ago, my hubby and I sat at a cute little coffee shop in Burbank armed with two laptops, a latte and a tea. We were ready to reflect on 2010, and project great things for 2011.

It was interesting to see how our lists differed. Josh, the hubs, took great care in developing three broad goals that were both admirable and measurable. I, on the other hand, went through my calendar, listing all of the wonderful things I experienced in 2010, and dreamt of what 2011 may hold. From there, I whittled my rather wily list into 11 hopes for the new year.

So, here are my Top 11 Hopes for 2011…

1. Remain open to possibilities and new opportunities.
No explanation needed on this one, really. I am really aiming at continuing a positive attitude towards this nutty world. There’s too much to miss out on, otherwise.

2. Embrace challenges and welcome new (and old) relationships.
In previous years, “copacetic” was my mantra in a tumultuous work situation. Likewise, I clung too tightly to friendships and relationships. This year, I vow to embrace the natural ebb and flow of life, and enjoy the new challenges and relationships that wash ashore.

3. Work with a company whose values emphasize personal and professional development, as well as work/life balance, where my strengths are employed.
Yes, I have a particular company in mind, one that fits this criteria, but before that company was on my radar, these were my goals. I think it’s high time I stop over-extending myself in the workplace. Additionally, I’m tired of being the square peg in a place that only has room for round pegs. I want to work in an environment that embraces all sorts of pegs!

4. Dance with discipline.
Two years ago, I began dance classes for fun. It was a stress relief. Last year, I added a class that ended up being therapeutic in many ways. This year, I’m looking for a class (or dance style) that will force me to be disciplined in my movements. I long to learn technique so that I can dance again with a little more panache.

5. Continue on the path of “buying local” produce. Investigate CSAs in LA.
I love the Farmer’s Market. It’s so earthy and wonderful, and let’s be honest, the free samples are divine. This year, I am really drawn to CSA/co-ops that pick the fruits and veggies in season for you. I want to be challenged to cook with golden beets!

6. Accept 30 with grace and peace…and laugh the whole way through.
I’m not scared of 30 in the slightest. I want to milk it for all it’s worth.

7. Be a source of joy and encouragement for others.
This sounds supremely cheesy, I realize. Last year, however, I spent a great deal of time being a venting/gossip sounding-board for a lot of people, and encouraging that negativity, rather than transforming it into positive change. That has to change.

8. Travel.
It seems everyone’s resolutions include “travel more.” Mine is no different, other than the fact that I have a few places in mind for 2011. A move of two people very close to me may bring about a visit to China and/or Australia. Ready to overindulge in chà and kangaroo-gazing.

9. Create.
I’m an artistic butterfly, always looking for another way to create and express. Last year, I painted, began a cover song project, and got a little crafty. I would like to continue that initiative by rolling with the creative punches in 2011, whatever they may be.

10. Downsize.
You may wonder how it’s possible to downsize in a 700 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment that is occupied by two people…Sometimes, I wonder too. However, I think it’s possible. Out of downsizing always comes a heaping helping of generosity, and that’s something I love. So, look out 2011, we’re scaling back.

11. Celebrate life.
I recently saw a friend’s picture from their London visit. It read “Celebrate your ability to use the stairs and please give priority to those who need to use the lifts.” I was touched by that statement because it seems so basic, but so un-American. That sentiment, coupled with a visit with my ailing grandparents made me realize just how much I have to take advantage of the life I’ve been handed, and celebrate the hell out of it.

Happy 2011 to you all.

May this year be filled with great, wonderful, powerful things, and may we all embrace those shifts with grace and peace.