Ode to Groupon

My ode to Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr, Goldstar, et al.

Oh, local deal-of-the day website, I owe much of my social life to you.

You were there to provide brunch at the swanky bungalow restaurant when I had no more than $15 to spend.

You saw me through two trial months at various barre exercise studios, shaking and strengthening.

You offered me social opportunities I might not normally consider – like skydiving, whale watching, pole dancing.

You got me into the movies for free, after I got three of my friends to purchase the deal.

You teased my crooked teeth with your promise of inexpensive teeth straightening.

You made me try acupuncture.

You waxed me. (Well, almost. I still haven’t cashed that one in.)

You piqued my interest in the latest crazes like scissor-less salons that literally only blow-dry your hair.

You entertained me at various concerts and Broadway tour productions.

You graciously gifted me with a deal on those favorite T’s I always purchase every Fall at the nationwide retail store.

Lest I forget the countless deals you’ve given me at the new restaurants, the local favorites, the bakeries, the gelato spots…

You’ve brought together new friends, enhanced experiences with old friends, all with a little witty message in my inbox each day.

And for that, dear social coupon site, I must confess my love.