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The Alligator and the Pickled Worm

Life Enrichment

Every year in Elementary school we were tasked with the creative endeavor of writing and illustrating a book. It was in those early years that I learned something pretty life-changing. I was a 1st grader at Cass Elementary, and I had just written a fantastic adventure starring Alli the Alligator. This feisty little crocodile was […]




“Excuse me,” there is No “Thank You” in China

Cultural Observations

Traveling has always been important to my family, as stepping outside of one’s bubble forces one to see the beauty and depth of the very large world. It impresses one to be slow to judge, quick to remember that someone may be approaching life from a different paradigm.

This truth was something we experienced often on our trip.




We can do it the Disney way, right?

Entertainment Industry

I had the privilege of attending an open house at the Walt Disney Animation Studios last night. A friend of mine has worked at the studios for years now, and has always had me absolutely salivating over the chance to darken the doors of the Sorcerer’s hat.